My Care Walk-in Clinic at FMP&S

It's Saturday morning and you wake up with a terrible sore throat or you pick your child up from school at 3:00 p.m. and they are running a temperature. These are concerns that could send you into panic mode, but now that Fort Madison Physicians and Surgeons offers an extended hours Walk-in Clinic you have the option of receiving health care when you need it the most.
My Care, the Walk-in Clinic at FMP&S was established to offer guests the convenience of receiving health care when it best fits their schedule.

My Care is open
Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Located in the FMP&S Main Clinic. No appointment is necessary. Open to patients of all ages.

My Care Walk-in Clinic at FMP&S is professionally staffed by certified Family Nurse Practitioners, Amy Wallis, Nicki Gellatly, and Chelsea Youman.

Amy Wallis

Amy Wallis is no stranger to FMCH; having worked here for eight years prior to moving from the area in 2005. Wallis is excited to be back at FMCH and especially part of the My Care Walk-in Clinic. She expressed, "I enjoy working with patients of all ages. Every patient that I see may have a different need at that point in time. I like not knowing what my day will bring. It is rewarding to help patients improve their health at a time that is convenient to them."

Wallis believes that, "Optimum health may have a different meaning for each individual. I feel my purpose is to provide patients with the education and tools that may enable them to reach their preferred state of health. Good nutrition, remaining active, and surrounding yourself with a support system of friends and family are just some of the ways to reach this goal." Wallis received her Master of Nursing degree from Graceland University.


Nicki Gellatly

Nicki Gellatly attended Southeastern Community College where she received her Associate Nursing Degree and then went on to receive her Bachelor of Science of Nursing from Blessing University and her Master’s of Science of Nursing from Graceland University.

Gellatly was employed by Fort Madison Community Hospital in primary patient care and nurse management prior to completing her Nurse Practioner education.  Gellatly resides in Fort Madison with her husband Chris.

 “I am excited about doing hands on patient care and making a difference in my patient’s lives.”, expressed Gellatly. 

“Her experience in primary patient care and her dedication to their good health reflects FMCH’s mission to provide high quality, compassionate care,” expressed Jim Platt, CEO, FMCH. 


Chelsea Youmans

Chelsea Youmans received both her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Chamberlain College of Nursing and her Masters of Nursing degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 

Youmans always wanted to be a nurse. She achieved that goal and worked for ten years as a nurse before deciding to go back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner.  Youmans enjoys working with her patients to achieve positive health outcomes; answering their questions and helping them stay healthy.  She has this to say about providing care in the My Care Walk-in Clinic, “I am looking forward to working with a variety of patients every day. Everyone deserves the opportunity to receive quality health care and I enjoy making a difference in so many lives. FMCH has a great team in place and I am excited to be a part of it.” 

My Care Walk-in Clinic is available to treat non-emergency conditions like allergies and infections, abrasions and bruises, colds and flu, and sprains and pains.
If you are experiencing life threatening symptoms, please go immediately to the FMCH Emergency Department to receive promp care.

Patient Symptoms
If you're unsure about where to go for medical care, take a moment to review our symptom lists below. For an emergecy, dial 911.

My Care Walk-in Clinic Services
Asthma (mild shortness of breath)
Back and neck pain / body aches
Bladder infection
Cold and flu-like symptoms
Dental pain
Diarrhea (without dehydration)
Ear ache
Fever under 103 degrees
Food poisoning (suspected)
Minor infections
Minor cuts
Minor eye injuries
Muscle aches
Nausea / vomiting (without dehydration)
Pink Eye
Sore throat (onset less than 2 weeks)
Return to work / school release (for acute minor illness only)
Sexual transmitted disease suspected exposure
Sinus infection
Sports physical (NOT school physical)
Sprains / strains
Suture removal (simple, less than 15 stitches)
Urination that is painful or bloody
Vaginal discharge

FMCH Emergency Room Services
Abnormal pain (severe)
Asthma with significant or severe shortness of breath
Bowel obstruction
Broken bone with deformity
Car accident victims
Chest pain (severe)
Concussion or any loss of consciousness
Dehydration requring IV fluids
Domestic abuse
Elderly patients with complex medical needs
Fever in child under 3 months old
Foreign object in eye
Gunshot wounds
Head injury
Heart attack (suspected)
HIV testing
Inability to walk due to injury
Intoxicated patients
Life-threatening injury
Mental illness
Patient with post-op related problem
Patients in police custody
Postpartum pelvic pain
Pregnancy problems
Pregnant patients with abdominal pain
Rectal bleeding
Sexual assault
Shortness of breath (of unknown origin)
Stroke symptoms
Spinal injury/ trauma
Stab wound
Suicide attempt
Testicular pain
Vaginal bleeding

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