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Mission & Vision

Fort Madison Community Hospital Mission & Vision Statement

Fort Madison Community Hospital's mission is to advance the health and well being of all people through compassionate quality care, education and community service.

Vision Statement

Empowering people, Transforming lives, Fulfilling dreams.


In fulfilling our mission, FMCH values our commitment to: Growth; People; Quality and Service; Finance and Infrastructure and Community. These values will be realized by living our Standards of Behavior.

Guest Relations: Each guest is an individual entitled to our respect and compassion.

Respect: We believe in behaviors that demonstrate privacy and dignity.

Privacy: A secure and trusting environment promotes peace of mind.

Positive Attitude: A sincerely good attitude means smiling and being friendly and courteous.

Commitment to Co-Workers: We believe in each other.

Personal Accountability: Each employee will strive for competency and professionalism.

Morale: Spirit and pride in FMCH and our community creates a positive atmosphere.

Personal Appearance: We will present a positive image of FMCH through our outward appearance.

Communications: All communication is a reflection of FMCH.

Respect for our Resources: We value a clean, safe environment with readily available resources.

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