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Speciality Clinics

Speciality Clinics

What services are offered at the Specialty Clinic?

FMCH Specialty Clinic hosts a number of different Specialty Services at Fort Madison Community Hospital. Most specialties visit on a specific day of the week but please call the office to confirm they will be here. To schedule an appointment with a specialist in the Fort Madison Clinic, contact their main office.

Burlington Ear, Nose and Throat
Suite 123
FMCH Clinic: Thursdays

Burlington Neurology
Suite 108
FMCH Clinic: Varies, Contact Office

Cleveland Dermatology
Suite 123
FMCH Clinic: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Great River Cardiology
Suite 108
FMCH Clinic: Wednesday Afternoons

Great River Urology
Suite 123
FMCH Clinic: Wednesday & Friday

University of Iowa Heart & Vascular Center
Suite 107


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