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Community & Wellness

Community & Wellness

Fort Madison Community Hospital's Vision Statement announces that we wish to be the Southeast Iowa healthcare provider most admired for its people, partnership with the community and quality of service.

FMCH's commitment to the wellness of our community can be witnessed in our efforts to improve the lives of those living in Southeast Iowa.  We have developed and presented a wide range of community education including Better Choices, Better Health; Mini-Health Care University; Falls Prevention; Estate Planning; CPR/AED training; First Grade Tours; Coaches’ Clinic and the annual Women’s Health Conference, just to name a few.  FMCH provides prenatal education classes as well as classes for new mothers who are looking for advice and support from trained professionals.

FMCH's total economic impact on Lee County was $36,110,623 (as reported by the Iowa Hospital Association) and has donated land and $100,000, payable over two years, to the Fort Madison Sports Complex.  We are a not-for-profit organization.  Any financial surplus is reinvested in the organization to improve and expand current services and develop new programs.  In 2013, FMCH provided in excess of $70 million of uncompensated care through governmental allowances and charity care.
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