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Ultrasound/Duplex Doppler is a non-invasive (no needles, dye, etc.) medical diagnostic procedure using high frequency sound waves. Ultrasound can produce better images of certain "soft" tissues than x-rays do, because ultrasound distinguishes one form of tissue from another. Ultrasound can also show internal motion such as blood flowing through veins, the heart beating, etc. Ultrasound does not involve the use of X-rays and is a safe procedure. The Radiologist can also see ulcers, scar tissue, abnormal growths, hernias or areas where something is blocking the normal path of food through the digestive system. Using a machine called a fluoroscope, the Radiologist is also able to watch your digestive system work as the barium moves through it. This part of the procedure shows any problems in how the digestive system functions, for example, whether the muscles that control swallowing are working properly. As the barium moves into the small intestine, the Radiologist can take X-rays of it as well.

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