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Tracey Howe Scholarship

Tracey Howe Scholarship

The Tracey Howe Scholarship is available for nursing students attending Southeastern Community College in Keokuk or West Burlington. The Fort Madison Community Hospital Foundation provides two $1,000 awards for scholarship assistance to new or continuing nursing students. This application must be completed online and will not be considered until all required items have been received. 

A complete application includes the six documents below. 

  1. Application Form
  2. Letter stating why I believe I should be a recipient
  3. Letter of support from a personal contact (non-relation)
  4. Letter of support from a professional contact
  5. EFC from FASFA
  6. High school transcript for the past 7 semesters (If applicable) or current college transcript

All items may be emailed to Carrie Green at or mailed to FMCH Foundation, PO Box 174, Fort Madison, IA 52627. Complete applications are due by April 1. 

Required fields are marked with a

The Fort Madison Community Hospital Tracey Howe Scholarship(s) shall be awarded on the basis of financial need and scholastic history. Scholarship award(s) shall be determined by a committee. This application is the first step in applying for a Tracey Howe Scholarship. Application deadline is April 2. Additional documents can be emailed to Carrie Green,
Eligibility: To be eligible, you must be a nursing student at either SCC in Keokuk or Burlington.
Applicant First Name:
Applicant Middle Name:
Applicant Last Name:
City, State, Zip:
High School Attended & Graduation Year:
Which program do you attend?
Keokuk West Burlington
Anticipated Graduation Date:
Please write a letter to the selection committee stating why you believe you should receive this scholarship.

Characters Remaining.

I understand that my application is not complete until FMCH receieves my college transcript, two letters of support (one personal and one professional), and copy of the EFC from FAFSA. These items may be mailed to FMCH or emailed to Carrie Green.
I agree
If I am awarded a scholarship, I authorize Fort Madison Community Hospital to use my name in any press release or publication related to Fort Madison Community Hospital Tracey Howe Scholarship Award.
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By clicking submit, I hereby apply for the Tracey Howe Scholarship.
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