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Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Needs Assessment

Fort Madison Community Hospital partnered with the Lee County Health Department and Unity Point Keokuk to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment. This consisted of a community-wide survey and town hall meeting. The following outline the health needs identified as 2020-2023 Community Health Needs Goals and the strategies Fort Madison Community Hospital will employ to address these needs:

  1. Fort Madison Community Hospital is dedicated to promoting healthy behaviors and improving health outcomes To achieve this goal we have adopted strategies to reduce obesity rates and preventable hospital stays due to chronic disease; prevent or reduce teen births and STD's; prevent and reduce alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse among our youth and young adults; and improve the mental health and well-being of our population.
  2. Focus on promoting elderly wellness by implementing strategies to improve the health, function and quality of life of older adults.

Fort Madison Community Hospital is dedicated to making a stronger, healthier community. To review our complete Community Health Needs Assessment, download the plan below.

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