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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will My Support Help?

Your gift is an investment in the future of your community and that of your family, neighbors, and friends. Residents of the Community have been blessed over the years with excellent health care provided by local personnel. FMCH Foundation is asking for your help to expand the Endowment and improve programs and services for future generations.

Why Should I Give?

Americans have traditionally banded together to build for themselves the desirable institutions they wanted and needed for their own health and welfare. Every member of a community helps determine the kind of community he or she will live in tomorrow, by their participation today. There is no way to escape that responsibility; rather it should be embraced as an opportunity! What you personally do during the campaign will demonstrate the value you place on living in a healthy community. You alone make that decision.

Why Should I Consider A Pledge?

Few people can contribute, at one time, the generous amount necessary for the success of this campaign. Out-of-pocket contributions, while gratefully accepted, could never produce the needed funds. Small amounts, paid regularly over a period of time, can add up to a significant gift.

What Should I Give?

Giving is a highly personal matter, and only you can determine the amount of support you wish to contribute. No one can, or should make that decision for you. Each of us is different with varying incomes and widely differing financial responsibilities. We ask that you give to the maximum level of your interest and ability. You can be assured the gift you give will continue to exert a beneficial and humanitarian influence after your lifetime.

Are Gifts Tax Deductible?

YES! As a registered 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organizations, donations to Fort Madison Community Hospital Foundation are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law.

The Fort Madison Community Hospital Foundation is separate from Fort Madison Community Hospital. All costs of the Foundation are funded by a separate cost center thereby ensuring that every dollar donated will go toward the donor's intended purpose.

All donations stay here and can only be used to support FMCH programs, services and needs.

The Foundation has its own bylaws and Board of Directors who are responsible for managing the funds in a fiscally prudent manner. Our policies and procedures are open for anyone to review.

Will Fort Madison Community Hospital Foundation accept gifts of appreciated securities and real estate?

YES! Such gifts benefit both the donor and the foundation, because a donor is exempt from paying capital gains tax on these gifts, and the foundation receives the full value of the gift.

Does Fort Madison Community Hospital Foundation welcome bequests through a will?

YES! Deferred gifts, such as bequests through a will or beneficiary designations of an IRA or insurance policy, are most welcome. The designee should be listed as Fort Madison Community Hospital Foundation, 5445 Avenue O, Suite 102, Fort Madison, IA 52627.

Be sure to consult your financial advisor and/or attorney for advice on making a bequest in your will or designating Fort Madison Community Hospital as a beneficiary of other kinds of financial products.

What is the difference between annual giving and planned/deferred giving?

Fort Madison Community Hospital will solicit and welcome planned or deferred gifts, such as those mentioned above. These gifts will be invested, with earnings used to enhance the quality of care offered at the hospital.

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