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Employee Campaign

Employee Campaign

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Dear Employee:

Each day at Fort Madison Community Hospital we band together to help our community by providing exceptional quality healthcare. It is a team effort that requires the work of many to help just one. Knowing that each patient touched by our work here goes on to touch the lives of their friends, family and neighbors allows us to truly feel the impact of our care.

We know the spirit of giving lives at Fort Madison Community Hospital and our employees are passionate about supporting the life-saving work happening around them each day. That's why we are asking you to band together now and make a gift to support the Fort Madison Community Hospital's Employee Giving Campaign. We need your help to provide necessary resources for patient care, employee education and facility improvements.

You can give to the Fort Madison Community Hospital Foundation Fund with the comfort of knowing that 100% of your gift comes back to the Hospital. A successful campaign not only directly benefits patient care, but also shows the community that we are dedicated to providing exceptional quality healthcare and that we are here for them.

We know that in today's economic times, you are carefully considering each fundraising request you receive. This is the most important campaign Fort Madison Community Hospital employees can support as you will see the positive effects of your gift each day. Whether through payroll deduction or one time gift your donation will go a long way in continuing our extraordinary care at FMCH.

Please join us in supporting the campaign by completing your pledge form today. Thank you for your thoughtful participation and all that you do to provide exceptional quality care at Fort Madison Community Hospital every day!

Carrie L. Green, Executive Director
Chuck Osmanski, President FMCH Foundation

Employee Campaign FAQ's

What Should I Give?

Giving is a highly personal matter, and only you can determine the amount of support you wish to contribute.  No one can, or should make that decision for you.  Each of us is different with varying incomes and widely differing financial responsibilities.  We ask that you give to the maximum level of your interest and ability.  You can be assured the gift you give will continue to exert a beneficial and humanitarian influence after your lifetime.

Are Gifts Tax Deductible?

YES!  As a registered 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organizations, donations to Fort Madison Community Hospital Foundation are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law. The Fort Madison Community Hospital Foundation is separate from Fort Madison Community Hospital. All costs of the Foundation are funded by a separate cost center thereby ensuring that every dollar donated will go toward the donor’s intended purpose.

All donations stay here and can only be used to support FMCH programs, services and needs.
The Foundation has its own bylaws and Board of Directors who are responsible for managing the funds in a fiscally prudent manner.  Our policies and procedures are open for anyone to review.

Who Will Be Involved?

This campaign involves Fort Madison Community Hospital’s employees and board members. Each department has an Employee Campaign Champion.

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