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FMCH Pediatrics Welcomes Dr. Liberty Balbort

The Pediatric Clinic at Fort Madison Community Hospital is pleased to welcome Pediatrician, Dr. Liberty Balbort.

Dr. Balbort is a Board Certified Pediatrician who brings eight years of experience to FMCH. She was most recently employed by McDonough District Hospital in Macomb, Illinois as a General Pediatrician.  Dr. Balbort completed her Pediatric Residency at Florida State University after receiving her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Iowa Carver College Of Medicine. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Notre Dame.

Dr. Balbort chose pediatrics because of the many opportunities for making a difference in children’s lives as they grow and change. “The most rewarding part of my job is watching my patients blossom.  It’s such a treat to watch infants become toddlers and then children and then adolescents.  Each step has its own rewards and challenges.  I love interacting with; listening to, teaching and playing with children in all stages of development - I find them to be an endless source of joy.  To me, there is nothing better than making a child smile,” expressed Dr. Balbort.

Pediatricians are doctors who are specially trained to manage the health of children.  This includes physical, developmental, and mental health issues.  They care for children from newborn to age 18, providing education, well-child checks, and diagnosis and treatment of childhood illnesses

Dr. Balbort enjoys working with children of all ages, “one of the reasons I went into pediatrics is the breadth of the field.  I really enjoy all of the different health concerns involving newborns to young adults. One specific area I really enjoy is dermatology- acne is particularly interesting to treat.  It is rewarding to see new found confidence in a teenager with clear skin.” She also appreciates the strong role parents and guardians play in their child’s good health, “parents and caregivers are the role models for children.  If you want your children to be healthy, you need to start making healthy choices for yourself.  In addition, I encourage parents and caregivers to please be mindful of everyday choices and make your children’s health a priority.  It is the small every day choices that really add up over time.”

A strong sense of community and family play a big role in Dr. Balbort’s life.  “FMCH seems to have a great community feel to it.  Every FMCH employee speaks highly of his or her job and work community.  I especially look forward to working with a team of pediatricians.  I was the only physician at my previous clinic and I’m very excited to work with such an experienced group of wonderful people,” commented Dr. Balbort. “My family heritage is four generations deep in Southeast Iowa.  I was born and raised here and am thrilled to be back!  My new home is just a few doors down from my parent’s home.  I am committed to this area and want to become active with community groups to enrich programs for children. High quality programs for youth set the foundation for a thriving community.  We want to keep people here and attract new families that will contribute to the value of life in Southeast Iowa.”

Dr. Balbort will join Dr. Kolleen Burnett, Dr. Greg Gorski, Dr. Curt McClellan and Dr. Gary Palicka and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Susan Holtkamp in the care of children of all ages. 

Dr. Balbort is accepting new patients.  To make an appointment with Dr. Balbort, call 319-372-KIDS (5437). 

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