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FMCH My Health Patient Portal

Fort Madison Community Hospital My Health Patient Portal

FMCH is administering COVID-19 vaccines to patients 65+ or who meet the updated CDC guidelines for people at risk.  If you meet the criteria and would like to receive the vaccine, please call 319-376-2439 to get your name on the list to be scheduled.

Updated CDC guidelines available at 


What is the Fort Madison Community Hospital My Health Patient Portal?

The FMCH Electronic Health Record system allows you to view both your hospital and clinic health information from one easy to use portal.  This allows you to be a more active partner in your good health.

Nurse checking patient blood pressure

It has been recommended by our vendor to use a desktop computer (not a tablet or phone) to set up or reset your portal account.

What can I do with the FMCH My Health Patient Portal?

  • Request an appointment with one of our doctors
  • Ask a nurse a question
  • Access visit summaries & test results
  • Request a prescription renewal
  • Ask a billing question
  • Complete necessary health forms


Request access button to the My Health Patient Portal at FMCH

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to the Hospital Patient Portal.

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Click here for an ADA/WCAG (Text only) Portal.

If you are having getting signed up or logged in, please email

Want to give us feedback about the portal?  Click here to leave your comments and rate our portal. 

Here are some other features of the FMCH Portal

Messages: Allows you to send a message to your provider and reply if necessary

Health Record: Allows you to view a lot of your information-Health Summary, Visit History, Results (labs), Medications, Allergies, Reports (radiology reports, operative notes, and office visits), Letters, and Health Maintenance (health promoting items)

Medications: Can view your current medications. Any changes to this list is done through your provider’s office. When you click on a name of a med, if it is eligible, a request renewal tab appears and you can request a renewal. No Over the Counter meds are eligible for renewal. You can also click on “More Information About This Medication” to get information on that med.

Appointments: You are able to request an appointment in this tab and you will hear back from the provider’s office to verify.

Billing: In this tab you will see any balanced owed after insurance has paid their part.

Profile: This tab allows you to update your profile. This information is then sent to the Medical Records department to update your record.

If you have any upcoming appointments, new messages, etc. they will appear.


Please note it will take at least 36 hours after tests are completed for the results and reports to be posted on the patient portal.  This allows time for your provider to review this information. If you are waiting for a pathology report, it will take 12-13 days (300 hours) for the report to show up. Visit summaries and reports from the FMCH Psychiatry Clinic are not sent to the patient portal,  these can be obtained at the FMCH Psychiatry Clinic or the Health Information Management office.


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